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Fence and Ocean

We are an informal group of residents, property and business owners who want to protect,  preserve and enhance the character of Pleasure Point.

Save Pleasure Point came together in late 2015 when 200+ neighbors felt The Lumberyard, a commercial project at 38th and Portola, would negatively affect the neighborhood due to increased traffic, parking, and other issues. Unfortunately, our efforts came too late in the planning process, despite our appeal to the Coastal Commission. We endorse economic growth in Pleasure Point’s commercial zoned areas. However, these interests should not add stress to Pleasure Point’s infrastructure and residential areas.

We believe that new construction should be appropriate for Pleasure Point – in terms of height, design, and on-site parking.

Recent Posts

2 sets crosswalk flashing beacons this next week!!

Per day 26th - 36th's Portola crosswalks each get 20+ crossings. As such, Save Pleasure Point (SSPt) has consistently advocated for more safety upgrades. After some pushing, Public Works agreed with us to install 4 sets of flashing beacons at 26th, 30th, 32nd and...

The County of Santa Cruz has just released their Sustainability Update

The Sustainability Policy and Regulatory Update is a comprehensive update to the County’s General Plan/Local Coastal Program and modernization of the County Code. The goal of this update is to implement new policies and code regulations that support more sustainable...


· Opal Cliff Motors/Cliff Cafe parcel (Lower 41st & Portola corner): they are working inside the Opal Cliffs Motors building including taking the hoist out and will be moving more extensively on this remodel soon (Opal Cliffs will become a retail shop; Cliff Café will...

Save Pleasure Point (SPPt) Steering Committee Seeks Members!

Save Pleasure Point is an informal group of PPt residents, property owners and business owners working to protect, preserve, and build on PPts unique character and surroundings by networking with county the Planning Department and applicants of new or remodel projects...