Our goal is to grow our “village’s” style and vibe. To protect, preserve, and build on PPt’s unique character and surroundings along the Portola Dr Commercial Corridor and resolve infra-structure concerns affecting our neighborhood!!

SPPt is “YOU – US”! Stay in the know add your name and email to savepleasurepoint.org. We pass PPt development information and news via Nextdoor posts; our website: savepleasurepoint.org; Facebook: savepleasurepoint, posters and emails.

SPPt is not anti-growth AND we support the critical need for housing. The County’s new Sustainable Plan and Housing Element has been ok’d so it is likely new applications and permits will be again be getting issued for housing and mixed-use projects on Portola Dr. SPPt’s organizing efforts with your participation generated Portola’s Commercial Corridor’s Design Guidelines: new and re-do projects on Portola are to reflect, complement Lower 41st’s boutique charm and character, our coastal path and surf areas. Let’s make sure these guidelines stay adhered to!

Here’s a May 2024 Portola Dr. update:
– The Pietro’s have withdrawn their application for an Amendment to their Lumberyard project (38th & Portola). As a result, the original permit initially issued in 2016 to Northpoint, the original owners of the parcel with extensions by the Pietro’s is now officially void. They are still trying to sell the parcel and feel a new buyer will have their own ideas for a project on the parcel.
– Abbas H has submitted an application to extend his application for his Pleasure Point Plaza project (across from SUDA). His extension may be approved by early December. Under the new Sustainability Plan and Housing Element and use of diversity bonuses he might ask to increase the project’s number of units (currently permitted is 33 + retail space) – stay tuned!
– Back in Shape is considering a beer garden for the vacant portion of their property. Last year’s beer garden events held there were successful – enjoyed.
– The old Opal Cliff’s auto shop at 41st & Portola is on its way to being finished – it will be a retail clothing store. Next door -the now closed East Cliff Café – remains closed.
– At the former Chill-Out next to Penny Ice Cream there’s a change of use permit with an addition/remodel for a Mad Yolks (deli/sandwich shop).
– Vacant lot next to Canton: a small hotel is planned; the developers have met with the neighbors concerned about inadequate on-site parking that will force more cars in front of their homes; they are also concerned about hotel lighting beaming into their yards.
– The old Ed’s Auto building at 38th & Portola is going to be re-painted; which new color is close to getting a decision.

Via new legislation, the State now says that on-site parking is not “so necessary”! We will continue to push back: we feel a developer’s private project (tenants or businesses) should not make PPt’ limited on-street public parking needed by locals and visitors worse!

We hope you are using the flashing beacon lights at the 26th, 32nd & 36th Ave – Portola crosswalks; SPPt worked hard to convince the County to install them: using them confirms our advocacy was on target.!!!

Issues we’re currently working on include.
– Improving the Moran Lake/Beach area. Our SPPt committee member Vanessa Young led the effort to get the new flashing beacon at Moran’s crosswalk installed
– Speeding in the Avenues: too many drivers are breezing through stop signs ignoring “slow your roll.”
– Our efforts got big trucks off 36th at Cat & Cloud; recently trucks began dropping shipments on 38th blocking traffic – pedestrian safety issues. Sadly, the County has ok’d certain hours to use our residential streets as truck routes; SPPt disagreed in 2018 and are doing so again.
– Send us your concerns!

SPPt’s style is friendly yet firm. Former Supervisor Leopold and current Supervisor Koenig know that when SSPt sends out an “issue alert” PPt neighbors mobilize to share their say! Join us to keep this momentum going!

Save Pleasure Point’s Steering Committee: Jo Ann Allen, Kimber Blackburn, Patti Brady, Carin Hanna, Glenn Hanna, Lowell Marcus, George McCullough, Padi Romero, Matt McMillan, Debbie Shulman, Jerry Still, Marika Strauss, Kevin Walter, Vanessa Young (all PPt residents, property owners and business owners)