Save Pleasure Point is an informal group of PPt residents, property owners and business owners working to protect, preserve, and build on PPts unique character and surroundings by networking with county the Planning Department and applicants of new or remodel projects and passing information on to the community through, Facebook, and direct emails.

We’re realists: we know commercial and mixed-use projects for Portola’s business/shopping area are happening. Yet we say NO to Portola becoming a clone of Mission St or Upper 41st’ Avenue style and looks. New projects should reflect Lower 41st ‘s character regarding height, design, on-site parking. Projects should not add stress to our local neighborhood infrastructure.

If you support these goals and are interested in becoming a part of our working group please send a short email to; please include:
· How long you’ve lived in PPt? (have to live in PPt)
· Portola Commercial Development projects: are you familiar with nxtdr posts and discussions about the various projects permitted yet not under construction?
· What skills and personal strengths will you bring to the committee?

Current Volunteer Steering Committee Members: (current) Kimber Blackburn, Patti Brady, Tara Gasta, Carin Hanna, Glenn Hanna, Lowell Marcus, George McCullough, Padi Romero, Debbie Shulman, Marika Strauss, Kevin Walter