Support getting an activated (flasher) beacon for the Moran Beach crosswalk in place before the summer crowds start! – Flashing Crosswalk for Moran Beach organized by Vanessa Young

East Cliff (ECl) is one of PPt’s two main access/exit roads.

Rain or shine Moran has become a very popular beach; it requires crossing East Cliff to access it.

Whether driving down the hill or coming around the bend on East Cliff too many drivers are not aware of its crosswalk; many pedestrians going to Moran or leaving it head out into the street unaware a car is coming – there have been many near misses.

At this time FEMA money has not come into the County for winter storm repairs; the budget cannot cover this expense until next year.

This activation system needs to be put in sooner than later. Let’s make this activated beacon happen! Save Pleasure Point (SPPt) supports this effort and hopes you will donate now!; Save Pleasure Point Steering Committee: Jo Ann Allen, Kimber Blackburn, Patti Brady, Carin Hanna, Glenn Hanna, Lowell Marcus, George McCullough, Padi Romero, Matt McMillan, Debbie Shulman, Jerry Still, Marika Strauss, Kevin Walter (all PPt residents, property owners and business owners)