Flashing Crosswalk Lights are THANKS to Save Pleasure Point’s efforts. Regarding Manu’s 7/6 meeting here is a correction to “thank you’s”: the crosswalk “lights” at 32nd and 36th did not come into being easily: for over 2 years Save Pleasure Point (SPPt) repeatedly spoke and met with “Ocean St” about increasing pedestrian safety measures on Portola. After much discussion including “there are worse streets than Portola to worry about” SPPt got an agreement (October 2019) that 32nd and 36th would get these flashing crosswalk lights installed in early 2020. MORE good news is that 2 more sets are coming to other Portola crosskwalks before the end of summer 2021. Thanks are also due to former Supervisor John Leopold for his support and to DPW for spending the money to buy and install these lights and again the effort to get these lights into place is thanks to SPPt – your neighbors who speak up and speak out!

Protect, preserve Pleasure Point’s unique character and surroundings. We understand that economic growth in Pleasure Point’s business/shopping area is “here”. We support growing Portola by bringing the vibe and energy of Lower 41st Ave around onto it. NO to Portola becoming a clone of Mission St or Upper 41st!! New developments should not add stress to PPt’s infrastructure (much needed improvements are already needed – which we also speak out about). Project designs should be appropriate for PPt regarding height, design, on-site parking. Pleasure Point is a high traffic pedestrian area not only on Portola but for accessing the beach and the surf; PPt is an important coastal gateway that deserves on-going protection.

JOIN US to protect Pleasure Point’s vibe and lifestyle. Contact us/add your name to our supporter list (to protect privacy we send info emails bcc; SPPt does not collect dues): info@savepleasurepoint.net savepleasurepoint.org
Neighbor Volunteer Steering Committee members (alpha last name order): Kimber Blackburn, Patti Brady, Tara Gasta, Carin Hanna, Glenn Hanna, Lowell Marcus, George McCullough, Padi Romeo, Debbie Shulman, Barbara Spencer, Marika Strauss, Kevin Walter