The Live Oak Parking Permit Program (LOOP) has been shelved for 2021. The Board of Supervisors urged Public Works to meet with the Coastal Commission and return with a new proposal – a workable plan – in 6 months.

The Central Office of the Coastal Commission sent the Board a strongly worded letter opposing this permit program in general. Supervisors Ryan Connery and Zak Friend raised their own issues with the current program and suggested that rather than make fixes it was best to devise an entirely new plan = a total revamp. While Supervisor Koenig appeared to be in support of the Public Work’s project proposal he did agree on the plan being suspended for 2021; he will review new proposals with other Board members in 6 months.

Besides the Coastal Commission’s objecting to the permit program, another major reason for defeat of this project was the loudly expressed opposition by hundreds of constituents. Objections included that the proposed fee structure was too excessive ($75 per car to park in front of one’s home; 2 cars = $150 per year). Many lots are small and do not have off-street parking so the fee was deemed very unfair. Also Implementation of proposed changes to the LOPP were made too hastily and went “way over the heads” of affected renters and homeowners; the May 2021 start date was considered unreasonable.

In this 4/13 meeting new action was ratified and will begin sometime in 2021: private use of county land in front of beach neighborhood homes is going to be taken back in an effort to add more on-street parking. Currently many homeowners have landscaped this area of land making it unavailable for public parking. Of note: former Supervisor John Leopold mentioned to PPt homeowners as early as 2019 that Coastal wanted Avenue encroachments “dealt with”. It was suggested homeowners get “to be in the know” about their front yard spaces via their property “pipes” which define their “legal” property limits. These pipes – unless taken out or covered up – can be seen at surface level; they are usually “pounded” flat into the ground . It was noted that when in escrow a vital read is “one’s” preliminary report as it details property issues, property lines, ownership and parcel history.