Opal Cliffs Motors – Cliff Café Bldg. – 03206113 The Novak’s permit for a retail shop and patio for Cliff Café is in process. When the change of use permit application is deemed complete public notice will go up and notices will be sent out to neighbors within 300 feet. If there are no major comments or concerns the permit should be approved = the remodel can go forward.

Pleasure Point Plaza App: 181263 (current storage yard across from SUDA + Black Pearl site) This site remains unchanged. Abbas, the owner, had considered asking to expand the number of permitted affordable housing units (currently 33 – 4 low income). However, now per Covid perhaps he is considering asking for larger units vs. more density. Financing for mixed-use projects has become difficult per the shift to online buying. He has until 12/24/2022 to file for an extension/amendment.

The Lumberyard – 38th & Portola We understand a Time Extension and Amendment related to the current mixed-use permit will be submitted “soon”. Such will require a separate review for any proposed changes; word is that the developer (Pietro) will reduce retail space to add more condos (8 currently approved), eliminate the 8 garages to add more-onsite uncovered parking. SPPt’s view: more on-site parking will avoid its’ residents and patrons usurping nearby tax-payer paid on-street public parking. The 4-sale signs are still up; the ask price remains $4.5M

Back in Shape Chiropractic site + “empty” parcel next door 032-051-22 The permit application for a 14 unit rental mixed-use project submitted June 0219 has no current actions to it

“Ed’s Auto” – 3801 Portola: 032-051–21- and – 33 The site is kept clean = the owner is a good neighbor. The owner is allowed to continue the site’s nonconforming use until ready to remodel and convert to other uses.

Former used car lot next to Cat & Cloud 032-082-39 No permit application has been submitted.

STAND WITH SAVE PLEASURE POINT (SPPt) – Protect, preserve Pleasure Point’s unique character and surroundings > keep us a vibrant neighborhood community! Yes, economic growth in PPt’s business/shopping area is “here”. By standing together to monitor development issues we can ensure that our style thrives with project designs that bring the vibe and energy of Lower 41st Ave “around the corner” (NO to Portola being a clone of Mission St or Upper 41st )

SPPt pushes back on project negatives including lack of on-site parking that will gobble on-street public parking. New or redo developments should not add stress to PPt’s infrastructure (deferred maintenance work is already overdue). Project designs should be appropriate for PPt regarding height, design, on-site parking. Other SPPt initiatives focus on increasing street safety on Portola. All highlight importance of the Portola Commercial Development Design Guidelines (study adopted 12/2018) be made permanent in the Co’s upcoming Sustainable Plan.

Add your name/email/home address to our email mailings* via info@savepleasurepoint.org or go to SPPt’s website – savepleasurepoint.org or to our Facebook page Save Pleasure Point’s Volunteer Neighbor Steering Committee members: Kimber Blackburn, Patti Brady, Tara Gasta, Carin Hanna, Glenn Hanna, Lowell Marcus, George McCullough, Padi Romeo, Debbie Shulman, Marika Strauss, Kevin Walter *to protect privacy SPPt sends its’ info emails bcc; there’s 0 dues