Dear Friends of Save Pleasure Point,

Ecology Action has released the survey of the June 2021 Bike Installation Project on Portola Drive along with a press release and traffic study issues related to this project. Here is the link to the survey:

The press release is a very important read! Not surprising, there were many negative responses. However, there are also a variety of suggestions for improvements included. More street changes to Portola will be coming; it is crucial that the next round of time and money achieve positive results.

The residents and business owners in PPt are directly impacted by all street issues on Portola including location of truck deliveries and any blocking of driveways.

Save Pleasure Point has communicated to Supervisor Koenig, the Department of Public Works and to Ecology Action that responder feedback – negative as well as ideas/suggestions of solutions – be specifically included in their discussions and models for any/all future improvements related to Portola including intersections. An outline of new proposals should also go out to local residents and business owners before any future implementation takes place.

Please re-affirm SPPt’s request – send emails to:
Supervisor Manu Koenig
Matt Machado
Amelia Conlen
Russell Chen

You can also send comments OR questions to our Save Pleasure Point Steering Committee: or

Signed: Patti B on behalf of SPPt