Dear Manu

SPPt is a big advocate for safety improvements on Portola Drive from 26th to 41st Avenue (reduced speed and improved pedestrian safety). Portola has 9 feeder streets with 30-plus driveways on to it. Its last real “re-do” was 15-20 years ago. In 2021 15,000+ cars use it daily, its speed limit is ignored, it has steady morning to night pedestrian foot traffic. While campaigning we imagine you also heard worries about Portola.

Per SPPt’s urging, DFW installed flashing lights at the 32nd and 36th Avenue crosswalks. These installations are MUCH appreciated; they are often in use. DPW’s Pleasure Point Commercial Area/Portola Drive Streetscape Project (complete street re-do) will make major improvements on this street, however, its start date is unknown.

Since the pandemic PPt. has on-going increases in car and foot traffic – masks, social distancing and/or not. Recent chatter about the 41st/Portola intersection includes
We need a better solution to the intersection of 41st and Portola. Would flashing pedestrian lights work? It’s really hard to use it in a vehicle or on foot. Round about?
Yes ! They have flashing crossing signs in Jackson Hole, WY… telling the pedestrians when they can cross.. it protects them and the drivers from accidents… good quick fix until area is redesigned
I agree!! We need help with this intersection desperately. Way too busy for pedestrian and drivers alike. People ignore the stop sign “rules” and it can become an aggressive free for all to see who gets through first! My 17 year old daughter is learning to drive and has a panic attack when she has to go through there.
Generally the people heading south on 41st do not stop, or barely stop at the stop sign, to turn right onto Portola. Car after car just turns right from 41st with barely a brake tap and often no brake tap just a roll through. It would be awesome to plant CHP there for a day, as I believe it’s their jurisdiction
Flashing lights like at 36th would be great
Flashers can’t stay on too long: drivers would get upset having to wait with no one in the intersection
A crossing guard! Half in jest, but it would be cheap and only needed prime times
I use this crosswalk twice a day. As much as I hate to admit it, it might be time for a flashing crosswalk lights. Round abouts wouldn’t help pedestrians
As for the right turn from 41st onto Portola, the right turn lane is so abbreviated and invasive of the bike lane because of the parking allowed on 41st all the way up to the intersection. Riding a bike through there is frightening!
Capitola – at crosswalks – uses solar powered flashing red light rings attached to stop signs that alert drivers a stop is ahead so pedestrians cross safely; Capitola also puts hard to miss 3ft tall neon signs – “watch for pedestrians” – in their crosswalks
Summer will bring more traffic into PPt.; as such, your help/action getting some safety improvements in place for 41st/Portola would be appreciated by many! We look forward to your response.